The All- Russian Activity

Our lawyers corresponded with Prof. Ignatov, the chairman of the Committee, forming chapter 18 of a New Russian Criminal Code (in force from Jan.1, 1997), concerning sexual crimes, and all our proposals were taken in consideration. As a result only rape is criminalized, the punishment is the same for gays, lesbians and heterosexuals and the age of consent is 16 years old for all sorts of sexual activity.

During the past seventeen years we carried on each last Saturday of a month at 4:00 p.m. a round-table meeting, where all the problems, concerning gay and lesbian pride movement were usually discussed. There were more than 150 such meetings held up to now. Starting from the 100th round-table meeting (May 1999) they took place at the St. Petersburg centrally located gay night club - "The Sinners". After its closing (March 2008) they are held at the Support Center for Noncommercial Organizations (CRNO) at 87, Ligovsky Prospekt, office 300, coference-hall, subway station "Ligovsky Prospekt", line 4.

Just now the St. Petersburg Gay and Lesbian Center "Krilija" is the only practically functioning, officially registered public organization of its type in the central Russia.

International Activity

"Krilija" Center is a member of ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association) beginning from 1992 and our delegates took part at its regional and world conferences at Helsinki, Vienna, New York, Kiev, Johannesburg, and some others places. We also participated at New York City Stonewall-25 parade in 1994 and at World LGBT Forum in Oakland (California) in 2001. On October 2000 our delegate was sent to Bucharest and in autumn 2004 to Budapest to participate at the ILGA-Europe Conference meetings.

In May 2001 our delegate took part at the 19th European Christian Forum of gays and lesbians in Warsaw, criticizing the paragraph of the Russian Orthodox Church Social Conception, which had treated homosexuality as a sinful damaging of the God created human being. In May 2002 two our delegates (the only ones from Russia) participated to the 20th European Forum in Basel (Switzerland) and promoted a protesting letter to the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church due to its treatment of homosexuality. In May 2003 our member held activity in the workshops of the 21st Forum in Holland and of the 22nd in Sweden (in May 2004). He carried a speech at Radio Sweden as well. In June 2005 our representative participated to the 23rd Forum in Oslo and took part in the Europride parade there.

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