The St. Petersburg Activity

On December 21, 2007 the 13th regular Conference of "Krilija" was held, where the Administrative Board gave an account about its activity for the two year period from the previous Conference (October 25, 2005). Strategic aims of the struggle were also discussed at our Conference, such as the same-sex partnership registration, battle with homophobia, help to HIV positive gays and human rights activity.

The freely distributed informational bulletin "Apollo" was edited and and about 700 copies of "Apollo"-2 were mailed to all the members of the State Duma and Federal Council (Senate) of Russia to prevent the attempts of procommunist deputies to accept a new legislation, limiting sexual freedoms of our compatriots. This posponed its acceptance for one year long and the final reading of the law took into consideration some of our proposals, though the age of consent was risen up to 16 years (from initially 14).

It was also decided that Witness Certificates should be issued by "Krilija" for the future state registration of the same-sex couples.

After the Conference the activists of the organization (those who pay fees regulary and take part at our measures) elected a new Administrative Board and a new Auditing Commission.

Prof. Alexander A. Kukharsky was reelected again as the President of the Center "Krilija" for the next two years term.

First of all, as a member of the Public Presidential Chamber of St. Petersburg and ILGA member "Krilija" supported the idea of the same sex couples registration at its public sessions.

We gave several interviews to TV and other mass media, where we fought with homophobia of our citizens, and took part at human rights seminars. The interview of Prof. A. Kukharsky to the RFE/RL "Liberty Live" program is published at the Russian part of our web site.

150 singers of the Gay Chorus of Los Angeles were greeted by us during their visit to St. Petersburg, where to they were invited a year before. Our representative presented flowers to the Chorus at the Moscow railway station and at the concert itself with a special greeting letter as well. A bus excursion round "Gay St. Petersburg" was organized for the actors with Yu. M. Pirutko, the author of the bestseller "Another St. Petersburg", taking part in it. The Chorus transferred all the money from the concert at the Capella Hall to the "Krilija" Center as a charity grant.

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