Human Rights Activity

Our organization found some new evidence in favour of a young Russian gay boy, 18 years old, falsely accused in a murder of his American lover Larry Jones. This made possible to renew the case. An article in his support was published at "The St. Petersburg Times", which translation into Russian was read at the Supreme Court of Russian Federation. He is free today. We also provided some juridical help to another gay man, who was falsely accused in robbery, and later was found innocent. The Center gathered some money (about 400 USD) to pay the civil damage verdict for an imprisoned gay in 2004, what could help his preliminary liberation.

"Krilija" helped one famous gay art director to get court rehabilitation, after being falsely accused in raping one of his colleagues in 1986, and to retain his actor's title - "The People's Actor of Russia".

Charity Activity

Antiastmatic medicine was bought and delivered to the gay-prisoners at the city of Nizhniy Tagil (Ural Region) and a material help was lended to one blind gay in Krasnodar.

Secondly, we gathered some money and bought presents to HIV positive residents of the Republican Inflectional Hospital at Ust- Izhora, near St. Petersburg. A part of ILGA grant to our organization given at 1992 was also used for this purpose. The books were gathered and presented to the library of the Hospital.

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