Anti-AIDS Activity

A member of the Center took part as a delegate at the Geneva 12th World AIDS Conference in June/July 1998, at the Paris 4th World Conference on Community Care of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in December 1999, at the Durban 13th World AIDS Conference in July 2000, at the Chiang Mai (Thailand) 5th World AIDS Conference on Community Care in Decenber 2001.

Our NGO is trying to prevent the further spread of the HIV infection among gay and lesbian community by the safe sex propaganda at our public meetings and using the local mass media services.

We are taking part at the activity of the Military-Civil Alliance on the base of Military-Medical Academy of St. Petersburg. Each end of May our Organization carries on a Candle Light Memorial of those who died of AIDS and distributes condoms in partnership with the city Anti-AIDS Center.

In June, 2000 in collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the St. Petersburg State University we organized the sociological survey, carried out at the best five gay night clubs of the city: "69", "Cabaret", "Jungles", "Sinners" and "Mono". The questionnaire consisted of 50 items to find out the level of knowledge among young gays about AIDS and safe sex practice. The survey included the questions as well, concerning sexual behaviour of the respondents during their previous life and the last three months. There were collected about 600 filled questionnaires, packed in special closed envelopes, and the analysis is to start soon. Those, who participated in the survey, got special presents of their own choice: t-shirts, coffee mugs or 10 high quality condoms with water soluble lubricant. The Project was held due to the financial support of the World AIDS Foundation.

In summer 2006 the "Krilija" Center in cooperation with the doctor of theology, ordained in Canada pastor Evgeny Nedzelsky, established conditions for blessing religious same sex couples to reduce the spiritual strain induced by the homophoby of the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Center has the "The Krilija Tours" Gay Tourist Agency, which organizes gay trips to St. Petersburg for the guests from all over the world. The information about "Krilija" is also included, for example, in the Lonely Planet "St. Petersburg" tourist guide (see "Gay & Lesbian Travellers").

As you can see, our Gay and Lesbian Center has different branches of activity, which we hope to extend in the future.

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