Dear friends,

You are welcome to the Web Site of the St. Petersburg Human Rights Center "Krilija (Wings)". You'll find here the history of our public organization and the information concerning its everyday activity.

The main goal of the Center is the help and support of homo-, bi- and transsexuals at critical moments of their lives.

During the Soviet times homosexuality was persecuted by the state itself, installing special laws and criminal paragraphs, forbidding same sex love activity. Today the state has nothing against the free love in common and same sex love in particular, but the public opinion is sometimes hostile towards homosexuality, not accepting it as a variation of the norm of the human sexuality.

Though there are rather many gay night clubs, saunas and other elements of "our" subculture at large cities, the problem of the disunity of the LGBT community members is not solved - everyone is left by himself! And if something bad would happen to you, where from could you obtain help and support? Our nonprofit organization tries to fill in this gap in the the structure of our civil society.

We would gladly accept your comments and proposals.

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Our history

Our gay and lesbian public organization "Krilija" was the first one in Russian history to be officially registered on October 9, 1991 after one year of confrontation and severe struggle at the courts on different level. Really, it was a historic event in Russian gay pride movement, which was marked with sympathy by all regional and some Moscow mass media.

We gave an advertisement about our registration at weekly "Arguments and Facts", issued at that time at the amount of 33 million copies. In response we got about 10000 letters and a group of 20 volunteers answered the most of them (only about 30 of threats, usually unsubscribed, and letters from straights to lesbians were left without a reply). We continue to get letters from all the corners of the former USSR, but, of course, at less quantities now.